Acoustic spray solutions

Creating acoustic comfort & Well being in spaces.

Acoustic performance

Because often designs use hard materials on floors and walls, the acoustics isn't optimum. This affects heavily how you will experience a space. Especially places where more people come together.
There are ways to improve the acoustics. An acoustic spray is one of ways to correct the acoustics in a space 

Acoustic color design

Colors are a vital part of the design of any building and ceilings are a part of that room or building.
An acoustic spray can not only give a perfect contribution in terms of creating a sound acoustical space in can enhance the design by specific color chose. There for BoSpray can be supplied in any color of your choice. 
With the help of the Acoustical coat we can also apply a fresh coat on top of an acoustical surface in order to match a specific color or give the surface a new or fresh look 

Acoustic sustainable products

Our acoustic spray products are low VOC products, high percentage of recycled content and the BoSpray does not contain silica dust, asbestos, mineral or glass fibers, or PCB’s. 
Due to all this a range of LEED, BREEAM and WELL points can be earned when using our products in your project 

Acoustic texture design

Acoustical spray plasters are used to improve the acoustics of a space. The texture of the plaster can impact the acoustic performance of the room, as well as its appearance. Discretion in the texture of acoustical spray plasters allows for customization to meet the specific needs and design preferences of a project. For example, a smoother texture may be preferred to create a clean gypsum board ceiling look, while a more coarse texture may be desired for an industrial design appearance. But of course the choice of texture will depend on the specific requirements of the project and the preferences of the designer.

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